Teaching Method

We follow X – seed in our school, with the 5 step of teaching method.
They are
i) Aim
ii) Action
iii) Analysis
iv) Application
v) Assessment

We proudly say that we are X-SEED people of wonderful teaching methods. Through this curriculum we have totally changed our syllabus and our traditional method of teaching. We thank our Chairperson Madam & Managing Director for implementing this power packed X-SEED curriculum from I to VIII std. We give importance to our child’s thinking ability and his applied thinking. XSEED makes the children to think by themselves and do everything by their own. Students workbook has given for all the subjects such as  English, Maths, Science and Social.

First when we went through the work books we were astonished to work out by ourselves. All the questions framed based on the lesson plans, so students can easily find it out by themselves. They understand and enjoy the concepts. It is framed according to their level.

Maths and science projects are given in the way that they can implement everything that they study in their daily life. Through X – seed our students have been gaining beyond learning and writing with the help of teachers. we are proud to say that this type of syllabus in education enriches the students level.